Taroko Village

Since Taroko Village entered into business more than ten years ago, we always insist focusing on conservation, environment protection, originality, art and culture. The village valley of green grasses as soft as cushions is surrounded by dominant mountains. The poetic and picturesque scenery attracts a lot of tourists who love natural ecology as well as art and culture to come and stay with us. Many of our guests pass on their good experiences. As a result, we have a good number of returned guests. Our guests said “this is the place closest to the stars”, “sitting in the balcony of the log cabin here, even stare blankly is a kind of enjoyment!”

Taroko Village Hotel Docmeantary

We are horned to receive the award From ART&TUR-Intemational
Tourism Film Festival Portugal in 2022.

Won Sustainable tourism in First Place Award and Travel service in
Second Place Award



We provide three types of room for our guests to choose from, grand-view Taroko suite, grand-view tribal suite and grand-view chief suite.

We have 28 rooms for grand-view Taroko suite with the room size of indoor surface area 19.836 square meters and 26.448 square meters including the outdoor balcony. Each room is equipped with two single beds (can accommodate 1-4 people; extra bedding will be needed if the number of guest is more than 2).
There are 8 rooms for grand-view tribal suite with the room size of indoor surface area 33.06 square meters and 39.672 square meters including the outdoor balcony. Each guest will have a single bed and the room is suitable for accommodating 6-8 people. Good for family and student group.
We only have one room grand-view chief suite. Its indoor surface area is 49.59 square meters and 66.12 square meters including the outdoor balcony. It includes a master bedroom and a living room with two sets of bathroom equipment. Master bedroom is equipped with one double bed and extra bedding can be set up in the living room to accommodate family and friends.

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  • Taiwan Tourist Shuttle Service

    【Taroko Route-Timetable For Weekday】

    A.Hualien Train Station → Buluowan Recreation Area

    B.Buluowan Recreation Area → Hualien Train Station

    【Taroko Route- Timetable For Weekend】

    A.Hualien Train Station → Buluowan Recreation Area

    B.Buluowan Recreation Area → Hualien Train Station

  • Taroko Bus Traffic Co.,Ltd

    【Timetable For Weekday】

    A.Departure from Xincheng Train Station

    B.Departure from Tianxiang

    【Timetable For Weekend】

    A.Departure From Xincheng Train Station

    B.Departure From Tianxiang

    .Please get off the bus at Xi Pan Stop (where you can borrow the helmet), and Taroko Village Hotel can pick you up there (please get in touch in advance and it will depend on the schedule of our shuttle bus).

    .Please refer to the official website of Taroko Bus Traffic Co.,Ltd for the confirmation of the price of the ticket and the bus timetable.

  • Car rental or scooter rental

    Scooter Rental Shop in front of Xincheng Train Station
    Reservation TEL:03-8610-215 Mr. Chaing/ Mrs. Huang (owner)
    Charge:NT$400+/ 24 hours (the same location to return the scooter)

    .Reserve directly at site (upper left-hand side in front of Xincheng Train Station)

    .Please present your driver’s license (motorcycle) at site.

    Hotai Leasing Corporation at Hualien Train Station
    TEL : 03-8315-500,Charge : NT$1920+/24 hours(same location to return the car)

    .Customers who hold effective accommodation proof for Taroko Village Hotel are entitled to full insurance and VIP customer service (extra 6 hours for free for each car rented).

    .Please inform the hotel 14 days before the date of your accommodation and they will make the reservation for you. The actual charge depends on the type of car chosen.

    .Please present your driver’s license (car) at site.


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